It Is Time to Move Your Business to Redwood City?

One of the most important aspects of running a business is keeping costs under control. After payroll and advertising costs the next largest expense is usually rent. If your rent or office costs are out of control it is time to look for office space available in the Bay Area. Try and find an office building with many different offices sizes at no more than $2.25 per square foot. Some office space in San Mateo County is advertised for as much as $7.80 per square foot.

The more important question is what are you getting for your money? The most ideal location right now is on the Peninsula about halfway between San Francisco and San Jose. Make sure the curb appeal is good for clients and tenants. Make sure there is also plenty of parking between at the new office building too.

Make sure the office space is maintained consistently and make sure maintenance is not nonexistent. Make sure there is a nightly janitorial service and possibly every week or inquire whether the whole complex is dusted and walkways washed. This is very rare, but it shows the level of maintenance and care you will receive and is a good sign. Make sure the parking lots are regularly swept clear of debris year round. During your tour of the complex you will see the standard of care the complex is maintained with.

Tenant improvements should not be an issue either. Inquire whether you can choose your carpet and choose the paint colors you prefer too. Ask whether you can also reconfigure the interior walls of the offices. Some cities have decided to not let business owners in downtown areas lease out first floor retail space for office use. Given the amount of unfilled office space in most areas there really is not a need to allow first floor office space in downtown areas. A great location for a office is Redwood City and where there are have many different sizes of offices for your needs already. Hopefully restaurants and other traffic producing businesses will decide to start a business on the first floor spaces available in downtown Redwood City. That is truly what the downtown needs to help support the existing businesses and make downtown thrive all during the day.

Most offices are more than happy to schedule a tour of the offices Monday through Friday during normal business hours. You will usually be shown a number of office suites at different sizes to meet your needs.