A very popular topic being discussed today is saving and helping our environment. This is popularly referred to as the green movement. From making cars to have less of an impact on our environment, to using natural gases, there are many different ways to help stay green. One way to make a difference is to have a certified green home built. Many people have never heard of these homes, even though they have been around for decades, and thousands of them exist. So what exactly does it mean to have a certified green home?

A certified green-home is a home that is very energy efficient, affordable, and environmentally friendly. You have efficient plumbing installed, efficient electricity, efficient windows, and the list goes on. It could even mean that you have trees planted in certain areas of your landscape to create shade, which can make your home more efficient when you use HVAC. There are many benefits to having an energy efficient home.

Benefits of owning a certified green-home range from overall money savings, to being proud that you are helping your environment, to making a good investment for the future. You save a lot of money on utilities because everything in your home is running efficiently, which helps both you and the environment. The air quality is also better in an energy efficient home, making your living healthier. Even the construction process itself reduces waste and reduces its carbon footprint onto the environment. There are no down sides at all to having a green home, and only benefits, so it only makes sense to build your house to these standards.