Homes for Sale for Military Retirees – 7 Things to Highlight on Marketing Sites and Flyers

If you read comments on military members’ forums, you’d get a feel of what they’re really thinking about retirement and where they’d like to buy a home. You combine these things with the results of surveys by USAA,, and national publications and you’ll get an insight on the top factors considered by military personnel when choosing where to retire.

So to market homes for sale to military retirees, emphasize location, and then highlight the seven things looked for in a city or town by military personnel preparing for their retirement. On your web pages devoted to military marketing and in your marketing flyers, highlight the favorable side of these things in your city or town:

1. Property tax, sales tax, income tax, military pension tax and state tax

Taxes are a major concern to many, particularly military retirees, so if your state doesn’t collect personal income tax, has low property tax rates, or gives homestead exemption, emphasize them. A large number of retirees have no other sources of income, so they need to stay in states where they are largely tax-free.

2. Proximity to a Veterans Affairs hospital

This a great selling point if your city has a VA hospital. Being near a medical facility where they can receive free or low-cost quality care, and where they are the major client is a big plus for a city attracting retirees.

3. State Benefits for Veterans

If your state runs special programs for veterans, then enumerate them in your posts and flyers. Several states have programs that help veterans obtain civilian jobs, housing, nursing home slots, scholarships for their children, free tuition for their own education and free fishing and hunting licenses. Check out these programs if they’re available in your state and then include them in your pages.

4. Median Home Prices

Check out reports from NAR, other popular real estate reports and websites to see if your city is included in their lists of cities and towns with the most affordable homes, and then blog about your city’s ranking. If your median home price is lower than the national median, then point out the fact that homes for sale for military retirees in your city are cheaper.

5. Proximity to a Military Base

Military bases have facilities that veterans need, so it’s a great idea to put a photo of the base on your page. Living near a base gives some sort of good feelings to military retirees. Military bases have commissaries where they can get discounts and medical facilities where they can get free or subsidized treatments. There are also youth centers, family centers, community centers and public schools inside bases.

6. Recreation and Entertainment

Many retirees have the luxury of time, so they search for things that make life fuller. They like a place where there are sporting events, outdoor recreation, festivals, arts museums, parks, historical sites and university facilities.

7. Schools for Children

Many younger veterans have school-age children while others have college-age children, so they prioritize places where there are good public schools, or where there’s a good state university or a good community college.

There are other things that veterans consider when deciding a place for their retirement, such as the weather or the possibility of starting a small business, but if you already have highlighted many of the seven things above, then you’ve captured enough interest for them to consider your homes for sale for military retirees.