How to Use Facebook As a Real Estate Agent

Social Media has become an important aspect of every businesses marketing plan. It is especially important as a Real Estate Agent that you do not ignore Social Media. You must embrace it because in today’s environment it takes a lot more effort than just marketing on the MLS and with signs to stay in the game and get ahead.

One of the most popular social media / social networking tools that you can utilize for your marketing is Facebook. Facebook has become very popular with over a million businesses having integrated Facebook into their websites – in fact in 2010 Facebook was accessed more than Google.

As a Real Estate Agent you must utilize Facebook, however you must do so correctly. You do not want to drive prospects away by doing it the wrong way. Here are some points that you want to consider as you market yourself as a Real Estate Agent on Facebook.

Your Personal Facebook profile should be used to stay connected with friends, family and past clients. Don’t share too much information on your personal profile about your Real Estate listings, but do be sure to let everyone know you are an agent. You should use your personal profile to stay connected and build relationships with everyone, but not to market.

As an agent you should have a Facebook page, or Facebook Fan page where you concentrate most of your marketing efforts. This is where you will share your listings, tips on marketing your home, industry news and other information that will benefit those that are either buying or selling a home. This is where you will mix in your marketing message, but still keep information light and use it to build your credibility and showcase yourself as an expert.

A couple of additional things you can do on your Facebook Page to enhance it and help build your business are the following:

  • Import your blog posts into your Facebook Page Wall
  • Share You Tube Videos
  • Get clients to post testimonials
  • Share community events

The overall goal of your Facebook Page is to build trust and creditability as well a community with your followers.