Make 2011 Your Best Year Yet!

Ok, I know what you’re thinking: Yeah, Paul, everyone says that every New Year and they go right on doing the same things they did last year. And I would say you’re right on with that and the key is…they keep doing the same thing year after year and expect a different result. According to Albert Einstein, that’s the definition of Insanity! Sound familiar? You might even say this is you?

I work with numerous Realtors and Investors and the one overriding theme I keep hearing is the economy is so bad and there’s no money and no one is buying anything. The only problem with that is it’s not true. Yes, finding financing is harder but homes are being bought with bank financing. Investors are buying homes with investor loans. And Realtors are selling homes! Just check those facts with the National Association of Realtors.

I know one investor in my REIA group who has bought 20 properties this year, fixed them up and sold every one with bank financing. Other investors have bought homes with bank financing with 30% down. I have bought 2 homes in the last 4 months with bank financing.

As for Realtors, I am working with one husband and wife team on their marketing program. They had sold a home to a couple from Philadelphia and within 3 weeks they sold another home to a friend of the first sale. So we put together a 3 step mailer to people in their area along with an 800 number to call for more information. They sent out info on the area and as I am writing this they have sold 6 more houses.

Now they are doing the same marketing plan to the surrounding areas and are getting great results. Other agents I know are marketing to the Midwest about all the great deals in Southwest Florida.

I am working on a multi-level marketing program with web sites and a multi-step marketing campaign to California telling people how great it is in Florida: great weather, no income tax, and some of the most beautiful beaches anywhere. I’m using the same program ‘selling’ the Atlanta area.

I also have 5 education seminars scheduled for myself this year. If you plan on succeeding you must keep learning. How many education events have you already scheduled? You should plan at least one on marketing.

The way I see it, everyone has 2 choices: do the same thing as last year then sit around and complain that all the dark forces are against them, or decide to change their mindset and business plans. 2011 depends more on you than any outside factors. I encourage you to look at the things that worked well for you in 2010 and do it again, and to always look for new opportunities to succeed.

Change the people you hang around with if they are negative and surround yourself with positive forward thinkers.

I am available for one on one coaching and help with your marketing. And I will be doing a couple of master mind programs again this year. Call me at 941-716-2597 for more information.

Good Luck and make 2011 your best year yet!!