The Secret to Investment Property Sales Success – It’s a Mindset

In commercial real estate sales and leasing you have to be the navigator of your ‘ship’. Every day you have to stand at the bow of the ‘ship’ and chart the course. You have to set the sails and watch for changes in the wind, the weather, and the tides. If you are a good ‘navigator’ you will get to the end of the journey. If you are a really good ‘navigator’ you will plunder a few islands on the way and pick up some treasure. Commissions and listings are your ‘treasure’. There are two fundamental tools or skills that must be developed if you want great success in the property industry. So let’s look at them.

Few other sales positions offer the ‘treasure’, the extreme rewards that are available in commercial real estate. That being said, your success is entirely up to you and it will not come easily. With hard work and dedication you will get great results.

The property market will change monthly and seasonally, and you must go with it to seize the opportunities it offers. Every market whether it is good or bad, does offer opportunity. You just have to find it and open the door. Properties will sell and lease at any time but the rules change such as finance, business sentiment, enquiry, and types of property available.

Your first tool of focus to help with this is or should be your database. Frequently I hear agents say that they do not use a computer database and put everything in their diary. They are not ‘computer literate’ and have no intention of being so. The reality is that these are the random operators that will find it very hard to achieve high volume prospecting and listings. If you do not use the computer in creating and controlling your prospecting and call registers, then you are well behind those that do. You will struggle in most markets until you create and use the technology of today in your prospecting processes.

Now let’s look at your second tool of focus. Many commercial agents think that integrity and consistency will win you the listing business and make you successful. The reality is very different. The most successful people in the industry have an extra and very specific tool they use; it is a success mindset that focuses their actions every day totally on business generation. In effect they absolutely believe that they are on a mission to personal achievement in the industry.

If you can also develop the ‘mindset’ and nurture it every day, it is perhaps the most important tool you can use with your database prospecting. So how do you get the mindset and hold on to it? A number of people have written about the process, and most particularly Og Mandino and Frank Bettger. They worked out how to create and focus their thinking every day towards direct and dedicated action in generating business. They both became very successful in their own industries.

Learn from the experts who have done it before you; build your opportunities the right way and stop wasting your own time. Know that you are the source of your success in any market. It’s your choice, you are the ‘Navigator’. Good luck.