Going From House to Apartment – Tips to Adjust

If you are facing a move from a house to something smaller, like an apartment or condo, know that you are not the first person to go through this transition, nor will you be the last. You may have taken a look around your house and have wondered how you’re going to get everything you own crammed into the space you have to work with. If you currently have a garage, or a multi-floor home, the notion may seem especially frustrating. It doesn’t, however, have to be a headache, for there are ways to adjust.

Before you make that call to the Salvation Army to back up the truck, however, stop and take a deep breath. Moving is merely a transition to the new stage of living, and if you go into the transfer from home to apartment with a clear head you will find the process is smoother. People may switch from homes to condos or apartments for a number of reasons, they need not be financial.

  • The children have grown and moved away, and you want to downsize.
  • You are interested in living in a community with amenities like security, a fitness center, and pool access.
  • You simply don’t want to deal with the upkeep of a large house.

Even if this move is planned and you have intended to downsize, there is still the possibility of feeling frustrated when you realize you actually must pack and get everything out of the house! Before you decide to clean out the closet and hide inside it, remember that deep breath and consider these tips to help you through adjustment.

  • Look into a temporary storage rental. If you need to make an expedited move, take only what is most essential to your new home and put the rest in storage. Once you are settled, you can go back and sort through what can stay and what can go.
  • Bring in a friend to assist sorting. Ask somebody you trust who will also not coddle you – you’ll find that somebody who isn’t emotionally attached to your stuff will be blunt with you on whether you should keep it. This can help you in letting go of some things.
  • Take the five-year test. Take an object or article of clothing and determine if it’s been used or worn in the last five years. If not, place it in the thrift shop donation pile. Remember that you are moving to a smaller place and won’t have the room to utilize things you haven’t touched in years.

The quicker you get through your belongings and separate what you need from what you’re simply hanging onto, the easier your transition from old house to new home will progress.