Guidelines For Tipping Your Doorman At The Holidays

If you live in a building that employs the services of a doorman, you are probably used to occasionally tipping your doorman now and again in thanks for the services he provides. This is especially true during the holiday season.

There are factors that are usually taken into account when tipping a doorman. The buildings size, number of doormen, number of residences, and the personal services the doorman has provided to you are all factors that you probably use in deciding how to tip at the holidays’

Your building location is also something that is taken into consideration when determining holiday tips. For instance, if you live in a luxury high rise in New York City, the tips you are expected to give are probably much higher than a smaller suburban apartment building.

If you do live in a higher priced apartment building, your management team may even provide you with a list of the staff and guidelines for tipping. This can be helpful in planning your holiday giving and ensure you are not missing anyone and tipping within the usual range for the area.

Another option for some buildings is starting a tip pool where all the tenants collect their tips as one and then present it equally to the building staff with a list of the tenants who chipped in. This is a good way to not single out individual staff or tenants as well as not accidentally leaving anyone out.

If you have developed a personal relationship with a doorman and want to personalize your holiday tip, you can provide a small gift along with the tip to thank them for their exceptional attention and service. A small gift of pastries or a bottle of wine is a nice gift to include with the tip.

Though you are not required to give a tip, it is a wonderful way to show your appreciation to your doorman for the security and services he provides to you and your neighbors all year long. Tipping can be a good way to show your appreciation and ensure that you will continue to get excellent service in the year to come.

Should you chose to give a personalized tip to one or more of the doormen and not equally give to the others, be certain to put the tip in a personalized envelope or gift card. This will help you avoid any uncomfortable situations between other tenants and staff.