Pests Indoors Are Gross and a Health Risk

Pests Indoors Are Gross and a Health Risk

Some animals you’d love to have in your home. Dogs and cats? Absolutely. Pests? Not so much!

Not only are those little critters gross to behold. They also present health risks and potentially spread diseases. Please read on to learn more about why pests can’t be tolerated and how the best pest control experts protect your home.

Health Hazards

Pests present several risks to your health. You don’t want mice or rat droppings anywhere near your home, let alone in it. Even birds, those majestic sky creatures who balance our ecosystems, present health risks with their droppings, and they can also damage properties while taking materials for their nests.

You probably don’t need to be told what damage bedbugs can do. The rashes they leave on your skin make people squirm just to think about it.

In addition to simply being gross, pests pose a range of health hazards.

Uprooting the Infestation

The leading Toronto pest control experts eliminate infestations at the root rather than merely put a dent in their population. After all, if you see one or two pests, you know many more are close by. Killing a handful of pests is great, but if you don’t get them all, they’ll just keep coming back.

Pests reproduce quickly. The best pest control experts have custom solutions they create based on their expertise. You can’t buy these solutions in stores, so the only way to get them is by calling the pros.

If you fork over a few bucks to get a pest control spray from the nearest hardware store, you’ll definitely kill a bunch of pests. But you won’t get all of them, and the whack-a-mole game will continue until you call professional pest control experts.

Industry-leading pest control experts use only ingredients approved by Health Canada, so you know their treatments are safe for pets and the environment.

Pre-emptive Protection

The only thing better than snuffing out a pest infestation is preventing one from occurring in the first place. Leading pest control experts defend your home against pests proactively by offering a home protection plan.

First, the expert technician will inspect your property for any pests or signs of their nests. They’ll remove whatever they find and clear out anything near your home which may act as an attractant. For example, everyone knows pests are drawn to food and water, but they also tend to burrow in building materials people occasionally leave near their homes or in piles of firewood.

After removing what may draw pests in, they deliver a spray that will make them flee for their lives in the other direction. The technician will return a few times afterwards to ensure the treatment works.

If, for some reason, there are still pests around, they’ll kill them free of charge. Most pest control experts offer homeowners this reassurance but never have to actually deliver on it because the treatments work so effectively.

Everybody is grossed out by pests, and rightly so. Between being simply icky creatures and the various health risks, they pose, call a professional pest control expert to keep your home clean and hygienic this spring.