The Top 5 Things to Consider Before Buying Land in Laurentian Region

Buying land in Laurentian Region can be an excellent property decision. It can give you a whole lot of options and may help you serve various purposes at once, be it building your dream house, or developing a farmland, or living with farm animals. Similarly, with a land, there will always be both opportunities as well as risks in ample amount, so you should always take a bit more care when you plan to buy it.

In fact, purchasing a land is something you should never take lightly else there’s a lot that can go wrong and make the whole investment futile. The best strategy is to do some research, seek professional help and conduct a due diligence before laying your hands the plot you always cherished.

While a research is a must before buying a land, it’s equally important that you give extra focus on zoning issues, surveys, water rights and title etc. There’s always plenty more to look for when you plan to purchase a piece of land.

You can follow some of these tips when decide to buy land in Laurentian Region–

Check the cost of surrounding land

Land is a precious commodity and maybe that’s why it’s a lot pricier than developed structures. And since you have made up the mind to buy a plot of land, you must be ready for the high cost that is often attached with it. Having said that, you should always try to get a fair quote on your plot despite the inherent high cost structure of such a property type. The best way to get a good quote is to first find out the costs of surrounding land or check the costs of similar-sized plots in the area.

Plan a land survey on the plot

Land purchase is always complex because there will be risks regarding the information on property’s boundaries and title rights. As a buyer, you would never want to buy something whose validity of ownership or easement rights is not clear. That could be risky. To avoid that, you can consider a land survey on the plot by hiring the professional from the civic body. Such a survey becomes necessary where recent land surveys are not available for the area. The worst thing you could do is to rely on old surveys and then go ahead with the purchase.

Know the zoning of the property you want

Buying land in Quebec should never be a rushed affair else you might end up owning a plot with certain restrictions. One of the key things to know before buying a land is the zoning of the property that you eye. The zoning is a complicated matter and it’s so messy that even the seller does not have information on it most of the time. The two key things worth checking here include – whether the plot is zoned for farming and whether it’s doubly zoned.

Evaluate the property’s closeness to utilities

Purchasing a piece of land is only the half job done when you have future plans to build a residential or commercial structure on it. In that case, it becomes essential to assess the property on the parameter of its closeness to utilities. And if the land is located at a place that makes access to water, gas and phone lines tough, you should better brace yourself up for more costs in developing it. So, ideally you should make sure the property is not far off the power lines or water main so that you can avoid lots of future inconvenience, and high costs as well.

Get a broker to review the restrictions

Land is something that goes through changes of ownership over the course of its existence. And with such changes come some restrictions which a new buyer must be aware of before taking a purchase decision. Hiring a real estate broker can help a lot on this step as they can review the restriction history on the property and make the entire purchase smooth. Two of the key restrictions that a potential land owner should know include, about building a fence and about the quantity of vehicles permitted on the property.

Assess the land’s connectivity with roads

No buyer would like to invest in a plot of land that is located remotely at extreme corner of the state. With such a property there will always be hassles in accessing the other key facilities that your land might need in future when you decide to develop it. Even when you have set your sight on a land in rural area, make sure it has a well-maintained road with easy access to nearby cities or towns. And when the property for sale has a good connectivity with roads, it can always help you access the city for essential services.

Final Thoughts

Owning a piece of land is a great privilege. But it’s also a privilege that comes with certain risks and responsibilities, especially before you enjoy the ownership. So, make sure you have a specialist broker by your side to successfully navigate all the problems that a land deal may bring.

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