Office Moving Service – The 7 Most Common Mistakes

Relocating a business and/or refurbishing commercial office space is hugely complicated and highly stressful, often leading to potentially extremely expensive mistakes being made by ill-informed office moving managers. The simple answer of course is not to appoint someone from in-house – they more than likely won’t have the necessary knowledge or experience – instead, engage an independent specialist commercial moving company who already has the necessary expertise.

Even the largest of companies recognises the need for expert business relocation assistance when contemplating an office relocation or commercial office space fit-out or refurbishment. Independent experts such as these would normally cost just a tiny fraction of what companies stand to lose if they get it wrong. And if you factor in all the time that directors and managers often put into such a major upheaval as well, engaging a professional office relocation and office fit out specialist can actually save you money.

The 7 Most Common Mistakes

Here are the seven most common mistakes made by inexperienced office moving managers tasked with the responsibility of organising a business relocation or office fit out or office refurbishment:

* Bad supplier selections

* Poor Co-ordination

* Inadequate budgeting

* Insufficient staffing

* Starting late

* Compressing the schedule

* Poor communication

In this article we address the first of these mistakes which is to take poor supplier decisions. Architects, general contractors, interior designers, IT and IT suppliers, cabling specialists, security system installers, furniture suppliers, etc. are often appointed on an arbitrary basis, or because someone knows `someone’ who can get us a good deal.

No company should base decisions on criteria like these. Instead, you should match your project as closely as possible with your suppliers’ experience.

Ask questions such as: does the interior design company or office moving company have experience on projects of your size? Have they succeeded on similar projects? Are they a specialist or a generalist? Oftentimes, experience is the key to judging what they tell you. (Which may not always be as obvious as first appears!)

Why Re-Invent the Wheel?

If the thought of trying to `re-invent the wheel’ in such a relatively short space of time before the project `goes live’ – and at which point it really is akin to “holding a tiger by the tail’ – then you might want to consider outsourcing the task to experienced independent project managers & office moving company experts.

However, before you pick up the `phone to hire someone, first take the time to carry out some in-depth research before appointing your experts. After all, it is their in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the industry along with current market prices which will ultimately determine whether your project comes in on budget or soars into the stratosphere.